Water Meter Testing

NABL Accredited / BIS Approved Lab – Life Test Report (LTR) of Water Meters


Scientific and Industrial Testing And Research Centre (Si’Tarc) (Formerly known as Small Industries’ Testing and Research Centre) initiated by Southern India Engineering Manufactures Association (SIEMA) and Coimbatore District Small Scale Industries Association (CODISSIA) in the year 1987 and is registered under societies Act for promoting the testing, research and engineering industrial activities of this region.

Si’Tarc was recognized by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and accredited by NABL. Si’Tarc has Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Food testing for testing of Electric Motors, Pump sets, Materials, Domestic and Bulk Type Water Meters, Water & Food products and Solar Photovoltaic pump sets. Si’Tarc has also Calibration Lab for Electro-technical, Mechanical and Thermal Calibration.

Si’Tarc is also having Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) approval from 1988 onwards as research laboratory from Ministry of Science and Technology (MST), New Delhi. Si’Tarc has launched in Research field to develop the Smart Pump jointly funded by Department of Heavy Industries (DHI), Govt. of India.

At present Si’Tarc is having 210 industry units as members and is administered by elected Honorary Office Bearers. We are glad to mention that Si’Tarc also completed 35 years of service to the industries.

For the benefits of water meter manufactures and buyers, Si’Tarc launch Si’Tarc NABL accredited / BIS approved Lab LTR for water metersin the Website.

Test Procedures:

As per IS 779:1994 with all amendments (up to and including Amendment No.5) / ISO 4064 (Class B)standards.

Validity of Life Test Report (s) :

LTR Validity period for Domestic Water Meter 15mm to 50mm is 3 years from date of issuing the test report and for Bulk Water Meter 50mm to 200mm 5 years from date of issuing the test report.

Acceptance Criteria:

During the sampling period, the test samples are drawn from each lot based on random sampling techniques. The lot size, number of samples drawn for first sample, second sample and corresponding acceptance criteria are followed as per IS 779: 1994 standard and is given in the following table.

Size of the Lot Size of the First Sample Acceptance Number Rejection Number Size of the Second Sample Size of the Cumulative Sample Cumulative Acceptance Number
Up to 50 5 0 1
51 – 150 13 0 2 13 26 1
151 – 280 20 0 3 20 40 3
281 – 500 32 1 3 32 64 4
501 – 1200 50 2 5 50 100 6
1201- 3200 80 3 6 80 160 9
3201 -10000 125 5 9 125 250 12
10001 -35000 200 7 11 200 400 18
35001 and Over 315 11 16 315 630 26

Benefits for BUYERS in the Bid Package:

  • Eligibility criteria of Water Meter brand, shall be preferred easily.
  • Further Life Test can be avoided and the test period and cost of retesting is saved.
  • The buyers can ensure that the procurement brand of LTR is approved by NABL / BIS lab
  • Under validity period of tested Water meter in LTR, sample of separate life test is not required for every bid.

  • Expenditure for conducting repeat sample from same manufacturing lot is avoided and if required from same lot sampling acceptance test within a week period can be followed.

Benefits for Manufacturers:

  • Many Water Utilities are insisting Life Test / Endurance Test Report for Water Meter from NABL / BIS approved lab as pre-qualification in their bid package.
  • SiTarc NABLApproved Lab LTR for Water Meter is an Authorized certificate for a Witness of easy selection of the Water Meter approved make.
  • SiTarc NABL Approved Lab LTR passed sample is enlisted by the SiTarc Website for an instant reference.
  • SiTarc Test Certificate is valid for BIS Approval and it’s used to obtain ISI Mark.