Corporate Social Responsibility

At Sitarc, Corporate Social Responsibility is just not duty; it’s a way of life. We conduct ourselves in ways that earn the trust and respect of our customers, suppliers, partners, employees, and the society at large.

Towards building a greener environment we encourage planting of trees and afforestation measures. Rain-water harvesting, water re-charging and conservation, preventing the use of plastics, and such activities combat most of the environmental concerns of the world. Health & safety measures and First-Aid training camps are conducted on a regular basis at Sitarc in order to be prepared in unforeseen emergency situations.

Sitarc takes the initiative to collect its e-waste and sends it for recycling to an Authorised Recycler from Pollution Control Board, Govt. of India. By recycling old equipment in a responsible manner, we are avoiding landfills. We also have strived relentlessly to reduce our waste generation. We are committed to take forward initiatives in the area of e-waste.

Sitarc sees corporate responsibility as an integral part of harnessing resources, the energy and passion of our people, and the scale of our business to create a meaningful change in the environment.