Electro Technical Calibration

For convenient electrical calibration, also called electronic calibration, of meters and other instruments, SiTarc Calibration Laboratory is your reliable source. Our range of services includes multimeter calibration, oscilloscope calibration and calibration service for other meters.

  • Electro-Technical calibration field has large scope covering parameters to meet the industrial requirements. Since, Coimbatore is hub of pump industries.
  • In existing scope, we have facilities for calibrating parameters like AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, AC/DC Power, Power Factor, Frequency, Capacitance etc.
  • Our Lab have high Accuracy Standard Instruments to calibrate to above mentioned Electrical parameters.
  • We can calibrate instruments like Analog meters, Digital Meters, Multimeter, Oscilloscopes and so on.
  • Our Lab also have separate methods & Standard instruments to carry out Electro-technical Calibration which is SOURCE, MEASURE.
  • Our Lab satisfies the customer needs in On-Site along with NABL accreditation ie., Customer requirements mainly in AC/DC High Voltage upto 28kV range.
  • High Voltage instruments like high voltage Testers, Hi pot Testers etc.
  • To fulfill industrial related quality team ; Our Lab calibrate low range devices. Parameters like:-
  • DC Voltage from 100µV;AC voltage from 1mV ;
    DC Current from 10µA; AC Current from 30µA ;
    Resistance from 100mΩ. and many other low range parameters

  • All Electrical Instruments Calibration
  • AC/DC Voltmeter (100micro volt to 28kilo Volt)
  • AC Ammeter (10micro Amps to 200Aamps . Current Coil 550Amps
  • DC Ammeter (10micro Amps to 10Aamps . Current Coil 550Amps
  • Ac Power 2.4W to2.4KW
  • Power factor lead , lag, unity
  • Frequency 10Hz to 1MHz
  • Capacitance 0.35nF to 1.1mF
  • Inductance 1mH to 10H
  • Resistance 100mohm to 1Tohm
  • Oscilloscope 200MHz
  • Temperature simulation E,J,K,N,R,S,T,RTD
  • Time 1sec to 90 min