Mechanical Calibration

The Mechanical calibration Laboratory is equipped with modern & sophisticated equipment like, Universal Measuring Machine, Universal Length Measuring Machine, Slip Gauge Calibrator, Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester, Hydraulic pressure Tester, Tachometer calibration etc.

Pressure gauge, Vernier , Micrometer, Load Cells

The Mechanical Laboratory provides Calibration facilities and is equipped with modern & sophisticated equipments like, Universal Length Measuring Machine, Slip Gauge Calibrator , Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester, Hydraulic pressure Tester, etc.

Mechanical calibration is performed by highly trained technicians and high-tech equipment to provide results that will give you confidence in the capabilities of your electronic instruments. Accuracy, affordability and timeliness drive our processes and procedures.

The Pressure Calibration Process

Computerized pressure modules with capacities from vacuum to 40,000 PSI are used to perform pressure calibration and record the readings. Based on the measurement range of the instrument undergoing calibration, one of SiTarc calibration laboratory two pressure modules will be selected for the inspection. It is customary to exercise the instrument to its full capacity three times before beginning calibration. As with most calibrations, a standard with a known value or capacity is compared to the instrument being calibrated during the pressure calibration process. Most instruments undergo a 6 point pressure calibration, whereby the inspection occurs at every 20 percent of capacity. A higher accuracy pressure transducer or pressure gauge calibration will include 10 inspection points at every 10 percent of capacity.

Pressure calibration is just one of the many calibration services provided by our one-stop calibration laboratory.

With every pressure calibration we perform, our customers receive a Calibration Certificate with all the information they need, including:

  • Instrument condition
  • NPL traceability
  • NABL accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025
  • Calibration results
  • Repairs and adjustments, if applicable

Working with reliable instruments is essential for efficiency, quality and safety. Let our lab keep all your instruments in top condition, including:


  • Vernier Caliper
  • Micrometers
  • Dial Gauges
  • Thread Gauges
  • Height Gauges
  • Depth Gauges
  • Slip Gauges
  • Feeler Gauges
  • Radius Gauges
  • Pitch Gauges
  • Pressure gauges
  • Angle protractors
  • Try Square
  • Dial Gauge Calibrator
  • Dial Bore Gauge
  • Plain Plug & Ring Gauges
  • Surface Plates
  • Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester
  • “V” Blocks
  • Angle Plates
  • Sieves
  • Optical Glass Scales of Resolution – 0.001mm, 0.01mm, 0.1mm & 0.5mm
  • Angle Gauge Blocks
  • Caliper checkers
  • Pressure transducers
  • Digital Pressure Gauges
  • Any other/specific requirement

Any other/specific requirement

Following instruments / parameters can be calibrated:


Items which can be calibrated Range
Digital Vernier Caliper / Vernier Caliper
(L. C. 0.01 mm & 0.02 mm)
0 – 2000 mm