Calibration Laboratory


The process of periodic checking of instrument by comparison with another instrument of better accuracy for the purpose of detecting, adjusting or reporting errors is termed Calibration.

Significance of Calibration

Accurate measurements play a vital role at each stage in development & production of quality product. But majority of Test and Measuring Instrument simply shift over time. There are certain parameters which affect the performance of electronic instruments –

  • Aging of components
  • Surrounding temperature and humidity
  • Fluctuation in power supply etc…..

Therefore systematic and periodic checking and calibration of Test and Measuring Instrument is very essential for consistent and reliable measurements.

Calibration Laboratory

Calibration plays a major and vital role in any quality management system. One of the important requirements in a quality system for any organization is a valid calibration system for all measurements undertaken. Si’Tarc’s standards have traceability to NPL, New Delhi/ international standards.

We offer a broad and comprehensive range of calibration services meeting National/International standards having one the finest laboratory with finest equipment to provide our customers the most Accurate and Best Measurements. Sitarc Calibration Services offer all forms of laboratory and factory instrument calibration that can help you to meet all your business and regulatory requirements.


Sitarc is an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory by NABL, Quality Council of India, providing calibration services in the field of Electro-technical, Pressure, Mass and Thermal equipment instruments.


Sitarc recognizes the need for correct and accurate results in the measurements and hence, offers certified calibration services.

SiTarc calibration laboratory is the calibration lab at Coimbatore area of Tamilnadu, India SiTarc calibration laboratory has been supplying clients in various industries with calibration services and certified reporting for over 25 years. All the information you need will be reported on your Calibration Certificate, including:

  • NPL traceability
  • NABL accreditation to ISO 17025
  • Applicable national / international / industry standards
  • Detailed documentation of results

We provide recall notifications when your instruments are due for re-calibration.

Advantages of calibration at Sitarc

  • High accuracy reference standards
  • Strict maintenance of environmental conditions
  • Technically trained personnel
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Reasonable charges
  • Automatic recall on calibration due date
  • Technical support
  • Continuous update with new technology

Ask About Calibration

SiTarc calibration laboratory is in the Coimbatore area of Tamilnadu, India. If your facility is located near our Coimbatore area location, pickup and delivery service may be available for your orders. Ask about our other calibration services too for dimensional, pressure, torque, force, temperature, mass and vacuum instruments. You can be confident that your needs are a priority when working with SiTarc calibration laboratory, your one-stop lab for calibration.