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Motor Testing Materials Testing Others NABL
Electrical Engineering division is having the facilities to cater major electrical motor testing and electrical material testing.
Regulated power supply ,Single phase and Three Phase
Uninterrupted power supply
Separate 50 Hz and 60 Hz electrical power source
Eddy current and Magnetic powder Dynamometer
DC Drives
Precision power measurement
Variable frequency drives
Electric Oven, Humidity Chamber, Cold chamber ,Dust Chamber and Salt Spray chamber
Compendium of test facilities
Environmental Testing for electrical and electronic items
Ingress of protection provided by enclosures
Load test
Temperature rise test
Accreditation and Recognition
Si’Tarc Electrical Engineering Division is accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for testing and calibration Laboratories, Department of Science and Technology, India in accordance with standard ISO / IEC 17025:2005 for its facilities in the field of ELECTRICAL TESTING (Certificate No. T-0078)

Si’Tarc Electrical Engineering Division is recognized by Bureau of Indian Standards as OUTSIDE RECOGNIZED LAB (Code No 6104904).

Si’Tarc Electrical Engineering Division test facilities are fully utilized by the reputed agencies UL India Private Ltd, TUV Rheinland (India) Pvt Ltd, INTERTEK Testing Services India Pvt Ltd for testing of electrical products as per international standards, CE marking requirements, safety tests etc
Electrical Material Testing
S.No. Standard No.


  IS 13730-1993
Winding wires
  IS : 1554 (Part 1)-1988-PVC
Insulated (Heavy duty) Electric cables for working voltages up to and including 1100v
  IS :7098(Part 1) 1998
Cross linked Polyethylene insulated thermoplastic sheathed cables for working voltages up to and including 1100v
  IS : 8783-1995
Winding wires for submersible motor-
  IS : 694-1990
PVC insulated cables for working voltages up to and including 1100v
  IS : 2993-1998
Motor Capacitors
  IS : 13021 (Part1) ,(Part 2)
Electronic Ballast
  IS : 374-1979
Ceiling Fan
Immersion water heater test set up.
Immersion water heater test set up.
A.C. High Voltage Tester
for voltage withstand test of rubber mats, rubber gloves
Range 0-100kV AC 50 Hz
DC High Voltage Tester
to test cables, electronic components etc.
Voltage range : 0-12 kV DC
Current range : 0-5000 µA
Storage Oscilloscope
Storage Oscilloscope
Digital micro ohmmeter
Up to 30kOhm
100 micro amps to 10A
Accuracy 0.03% to 0.06%
Digital micro ohmmeter
Digital micro ohmmeter
Digital Million meg ohm meter
Digital Million meg ohm meter
Salt spray Chamber
Salt spray Chamber for corrosion resistance test of instruments and components.
Vacuum oven
Vacuum oven for submersible winding wire test up to 100ºC, 760m bar.
Cold Chamber
Temperature Range Amb Temp to -20ºC
Temperature Accuracy ± 2ºC
Least count 0.1ºC
Cold Chamber for cold test of instruments
Dual Display LCR Meter
Dual Display LCR Meter to measure capacitor, inductance and resistance.
Inductance range : 20 mh to 1000 h
Capacitance range: 10 mf to 2000 pf
Vacuum Oven
Operating pressure : 0 to 760 mbar
Temperature Range : up to 100°C
Accuracy : ±2°C
Air oven
Temperature range :up to 300°C
Accuracy : ±2°C
Least count : 0.1°C
Environmental Chamber
Environmental Chamber
Temperature range 0 to 100°C
Accuracy ±1°C
Humidity Range 20%RH to 95%RH
Power 440V AC,50HZ
Pinhole tester
Pinhole tester
11Kv Breakdown voltage Tester
11Kv Breakdown voltage Tester
Cut through tester
Cut through tester
Elongation Tester
Elongation Tester 100mm / min
Uni Directional scrap tester
Uni Directional scrap tester
Tensile strength tester
Load -50 kg , Speed 100,250 & 500mm /min
Conductivity meter
Conductivity meter
Spring back tester
0 to 30' c