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Today’s market exhibits new latest products everyday. Market competition from national and international companies forces the industries to make new products which can give more satisfaction to the end users. Innovative design and development are become more important to any industries for survival.

Si’Tarc is already into the service of testing facilities, now widening its helping hands in design, development and consultancy areas. In a new campus on Pollachi Main Road at Sidco, Coimbatore, it brought up with the entire necessary infrastructure for designing and prototyping. You can avail the facilities for new design and development, re-engineering and reverse engineering.

The main areas like designing, tooling, manufacturing and testing will be taken care here to avoid the delay while processing it with production line. The major department’s viz. Design, Prototype , Training Department and HRD will take care of your requirements in the fields of Design, Prototype Manufacturing and Consultancy.
Design Department
To speedup the Design process the department is equipped with state of the art computer Hardware's and Software's.

Net worked computer systems with Sun work stations and latest Pentium stations will able to handle large volume of files without losses at no time.
The following high end software’s are deployed in engineering services,
[Modeling, Surfacing, Assembly design, Drafting & Detailing and FE Simulation]
[Turning, Milling NC Programming]
[Point-cloud engineering, Class - A quality surface modeling, Rich export facility]
Other Softwares
Tracecut, Tool sol, MathCAD, and AutoCAD also helps to prepare the designs in the conventional methods. Design team had developed their own software for motor design and pump design to enhance the design cycle time.

When you want to make a new product from concept to 3D modeling, analysis helps to prepare a virtual model in the computer. After proper verifications, camand software generates NC codes to machine the components in metal. Alternatively from the solid model an ABS prototype can be made using the Stratasys Rapid Prototyping Machine. This prototype model may be tested as a functional part for testing conditions. The dimensional accuracy of the component will be around 0.1 mm.

The high impact strength ABS can also be used for medical applications. It withstands for the gamma radiation sterilization procedures up to 5M rad. Reverse engineering design also prepared without any losses of the sample. Renishaw cyclone contact type scanner helps to digitize the profile from the samples. The point clouds received from the scanner will be processed in Image ware surface software.

The unnecessary points will be removed and new profiles can be created if necessary. Then the details transferred to solid model preparation. CNC code generation (or) ABS Rapid prototype files will be prepared from the solid model as required.
Si’Tarc Service Domain
1 Designing of Pumps and Motor (New design, Reengineering & Upgrade)
2 Product Design
3 Mould Design & Design of Jigs and fixtures
4 Reverse Engineering
5 Automation
6 Consultancy in the pump, motor and tool areas
7 Rapid prototyping
Scanner Machine
Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering is the process of making products from existing samples or from products. This technique is widely used to make new products, reengineering existing products and for design upgrade.

At Si’Tarc we use world class Renishaw Cyclone scanning machine to extract 2D & 3D data from products, and the basic point cloud data is transferred to Tracecut software for further process and for export to various neutral and software specific formats like .dxf, .Iges, .dat, .bpl etc., to make complete product from point cloud data.

We use Image ware leading reverse engineering software to produce high quality surface models, different export facilities are used to make the final product through I-Deas (MS).
Renishaw Cyclone Machine Specification
Axis Travel 600mm x 500mm x 400mm
Pay load 200 kg
Accuracy 50µm
Resolution 7µm
Scanning Speed 3 m/min
Rapid Speed 6m/min
Scanning Rate 140 points/min
Scale Type Renishaw® RG2
Software Renishaw TraceCut®
Rapid Prototyping
Any design process will be verified with the components. Physical testing using the designed. This is called as a prototype model. The increasing demands forced the components to build their prototype models in a short time. Major business giants having their prototype model development the separately along with the normal production line. But this also not able to meet the faster demands of the growing market. This article gives you the latest methods in prototype development. With a physical model you can physically see, feel and verity your requirements before going into mass production or product launch.

Reduce the product development cycle. Rapid proto typing is developing or creating a physical component to the exact dimensions as you require from the computer model data The prototype model can be developed from the CAD files by the methods
1 Addition of materials
2 Removal of materials
3 Compressing the material
Addition of materials
This process builds the object by joining the layers of the raw material using binder or fusion.
Removal of materials
From the solid model files necessary NC codes are created. Then a block of metal is placed on the CNC machine to machine the solid metal to the designed profiles. CNC machines will do faster machining rate of high speed machining facilities also available. Which can eliminate the EDM process and the materials can be finished after heat treatments also.
Compression of material
Semi solid or liquid material forced into the shape then hardened by heating or chemical bonding The RPT process classified by the method also in the following way


Laser curing


Masked lamp


Sheet lamination


Laser sintering


Droplet depositing


Adhesion bonding
The below material are the famous RPT methods
SL Steriolithography
SLS Selective laser sintering
FDM Fused deposition modeling
LOM Laminated object manufacturing
FDM Machine (Stratasys) Specification
Modeling Envelop size 10 in x 10 in x 10 in
Wall thickness 0.0103 in to 0.396
Slice Resolution 0.007, 0.010 & 0.014 in
Materials Investment casting wax, ABS & ABSI Plastic
Bench Top Spaces 26in x 36in
Pay load 500lps
Software Quick slice ®
Value Added Courses
Name of The Course Eligibility Duration Fees (INR)
Certificate course in product design
using reverse engineering Technique (CCPDRET)
ITI, Diploma, BE & ME, Working Professionals 100 Hrs Rs 10,000
Certificate course in Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance (CCGDT) Diploma, BE & ME, QC Professional, Design Engineering, & Working Professionals 50 Hrs Rs 5,000
Diploma in Mould design (DMD) ITI, Diploma, BE & ME, Mould makers, product development Engineering & Working
200 Hrs Rs 20,000
Certificate course on Pump design
Design Engineers, Engineering & Working Professionals 50 Hrs Rs 15,000
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